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A family business established in 1950
The adaptation on this machine (a loading shute) meant it could be used to reclaim asphalt laid on a site where live munitions had been used and the reclamation would mean the heat might/would cause small explosive detenation. The loading shute allows the operatives to continuously load the asphalt without standing above the heated material.
Designed to Assist
Hackney College Natural gas was the only option for this machine inside a training college.
When you need something a little different in a bitumen dispenser!
Bitumen Dispensers
Customised plant and machinery for asphalt & Bitumen roofing industries and Civil Engineering. A look back at the machines we’ve designed for specialised use, or simply customised to suit the clients requirement
Horrod’s have created and produced many different products for our customers
Horrods have created, designed and manufactured in various industries the hotbox was already a staple, but Horrods were happy to take over the duties to produce a range of hotboxes from Selecto when the company owner decided it was time for him to leave the business, Horrods purchased the rights, the drawings and then provided the boxes required by our customers.
Hot Boxes
Immersed tube boiler circa 70s/80s/90s
This unit was made for binding joints between asphalt/tarmacadam on the roads and motorways in UK.
Bridge jointing materials machine.
Some of the more unusual plant we have supplied over the years!
Left: Anti-skid materials are applied on dangerous areas of road or on approaches to roundabouts, Zebra crossings, & Pelican crossings. The specialised bearings used with this material ensure that the abrasive texture cannot destroy the bearings required to rotate the agitators. These machines are more an example of what Horrods are capable of achieving when new materials require existing plant to be ‘tweaked’ to provide a machine capable of heating and processing such an abrasive substance.
Anti-Skid Material Mixer
LPG 4 x Gas bottle lifting cage.
Winners of the Prestigious Mastic Asphalt Council - 2021 Award for OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION to the industry
Safety First