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A family business established in 1950
Mastic Asphalt Mixers
Horrods provide a range of services from new machines, trailerised and static, to custom built chassis to mount and provide full functionality.
We also provide reconditioned/refurbished machines according to availability.
2 Ton Phoenix mastic mixer reconditioned from our hire fleet and sold to a company in Ireland.
Whirlpool Mastic Mixer. The predecessor to the SwiftMelt mixer, below. Originally designed to be used with Hot Charge materials, the belt driven (fast & loose) powered with a manual gearbox. It had an advantage over a hot charge dumper, being able to deal with block materials too it could also be used for up-stand work after the flat was laid.
Viceroy 610 kg Mastic Mixer.
The SwiftMelt Asphalt Mixer was modified removing the belt drive to hydraulics, customising the capacity to suit a newer range of mastic asphalt products, for Pure Asphalt’s ‘Pacopatch’ material.
Safety First