1 Drum Hand Stirred Hot Air Rubber Melter
A family business established in 1950
Hot Air Rubber Melters

Standard Hot Air Rubber Melters

Rubber materials are supplied by companies such as Radmat, Iko, and Bauder and are used mainly on roofing projects across the country. Manual Agitation ½ & 1 Drum Gas-fired Hand Stirred melters 110-Volt Electric Agitation 1-4 Drum 110 Volt Electric Drive - Gas-fired melters. 1½ Drum 3-Phase Fully electric models. Non-agitated Melter 160 Litres Hot Air Rubber Gas-fired Melter.
Additional Information
All models are made to order only. Training is available in the correct use of this equipment. Service Contracts are available.
1.5 Drum 3-Phase Fully Electric Melter Developed to provide an alternative to gas-fired Hot Air Rubber Melters. This machine combines all the features required to be used on sites that do not permit naked flames. Also available in a 3-Drum capacity. 2 Drum 110 volt Hot Air Rubber Melter Safety First 1.5 Drum Electric Hot Air Rubber Melter
160 Litre Hot Air Melter for non-agitated materials 3 Drum 110 volt Hot Air Rubber Melter