Product: Hot Air Rubber Melter.


Model: & 1 Drum Hand Stirred


Capacity: 25 gallon & 50 gallons (approx.)


Type: Digital thermostat control


Mounted On: 2 No. 150mm swivel casters.

2 No. 150mm swivel/braked casters.


Power: 1.1 hand agitated.


Agitation: Oscillating hand paddle.




Main Body Frame: 40 x 40 x 2mm SHS


Outside Case: 2mm mild steel sheet


Material Pan: Half diameter type 4mm mild steel plate


Pan End Plates : Profiled 5mm mild steel plate


Stirrer Shaft: 40mm BMS


Material Outlet: Gate Type.


Firing: LPG propane gas.


Burner: 45 mm open nozzle.


Burner Firing Tube: 4.000 NB SCH40 304 stainless steel pipe.








Material Outlet: Gate Type



Control: Digital electric thermostat control


Temperature Gauge: Digital


Lifting Facilities: None fitted


Shipping Dimensions:


Half Drum:

Overall Length: 1470mm

Overall Width: 772mm

Working Height: 1000mm

Overall Height: 1470mm including stirring handle

Weight: 250 kg approximately


1 Drum:

Overall Length: 1870mm

Overall Width: 900mm

Working Height: 850mm

Overall Height: 1150mm including stirring handle

Weight: 380kg approximately



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