Product: Twin Pre-Heater for Thermoplastic.



Capacity: 15 & 25 Gallon per unit.


Heating Type: Direct heat.


Boiler Construction: Hot rolled prime grade mild steel fully welded mounted on a common base frame.


Pans: Heavy duty construction.


Power: Hand agitated 1.1 ratio stirring attachment.


Firing: 5" Radial burner complete with pilot protected flame failure system.



Control: 12-volt electrical thermostat with adjustable temperature control which can be set to the required working temperature of the material being used.


Outlet: Gate type.


Gas Equipment: 0-2 bar regulator, flashback arrestor and over braided hose.


Lighting: Detachable Auto Torch.


Finish: In the colour of your choice subject to colour.



As this specification covers all sizes available to order we have not included the weight or

dimension of any of the units. We will confirm sizes as requested.


WJ Horrod reserve the right to alter, change and modify this specification to improve the

product without prior notice.