Product: Hot Rubber Melter.


Model: Fully Electric.


Capacity: 270 litres approx.


Power: 415-volt 3 phase 32 amps (load 20 kW).


Control Panel: Digital Temperature Control.


Drive: 415/30/3 phase motor gearbox.


Plug: 3 pin female neutral & earth into Melter 3 pin male neutral & earth into power source.


Burner: Single electric heating element.


Main Frame: 40 x 40 x 2mm RHS.


Pan: 5mm plate.


Stirrer Shaft: 40mm BMS.


Stirrer Shaft

Bearings: 40mm Pillar block.


Agitation: Oscillating continuous paddle.


End Plates: Profiled 6mm.


Outside Case

Sheet: 2mm.










Outlet: Profiled 2-piece door and frame.


Forklift Locating

Sleeves: Formed section from 3mm mild steel sheet.


Insulation: High temperature Rockwool dense slab.


Power Lead: 20 metre 415 volt.


Casters: 2 No. 200mm fixed.

2 No. 200mm swivel/braked.

Load capacity 500kg per caster.


Lifting Eyebolts: M20 metric collared.


D Shackles: 3.25-ton green pin safety.


Dimensions: Length: 2520mm

High: 1520mm

Width: 870mm

Weight: 687kg





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