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Thermostat Controlled Asphalt Mixer

The SwiftMelt

SwiftMelt thermostat controlled Mastic Asphalt Mixer - taken from an original design and adapted originally for use with ‘Pacopatch, a polymer modified mastic asphalt permanent reinstatement system primarily designed for use around manholes and other street ironworks.’ (Pure Asphalt Co Ltd, now Iko Pacopatch.) The vertically stirred design unlike, conventional horizontally stirred machines, does not lift the material away from the heat. The Whirlpools unique vertical stirrer design pushes the material over the stirrers thus spending less time away from the heat. The inverted pan provides a greater heating surface area and combined, these two features give an overall quicker heating time and use less LPG Propane gas. A Thermostatically controlled flame failure device - pilot protected main burner system heats the material to the required temperature, meaning it is used only when needed, making it ecologically friendly and preventing any material degradation.
Ideal for use with:
Sizes & Types
500kg & 1000kg Static or trailer-mounted
Material testing is available.

Static Model

1000kg SwiftMelt - Used with PSB material. VolkerLaser
Safety First