A family business established in 1950
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Low Pressure Bar Burner Assembly. Burner are fitted to a manifold to suit customers’ requirements. Unit will be fitted with a pilot, gas regulator, main and pilot solenoid valves, burner control unit for automatic ignition and flame supervision. Burners are controlled using a digital thermostat. This assembly is ideal of use in a Powder coating oven and be rated to operate on Propane or Natural gas.
Safety First
Horrods inhouse burner design and manufacture is headed by General Manager, Donavan. A Gas Safe registered engineer he has been designing and manufacturing all manner of burners for all manner of uses for many years. Working predominantly with propane gas within Horrods core industries, but also using natural gas . Supplying many companies across the UK, as well as the inhouse machines manufactured for the roofing and civil engineering industries.
Ribbon Bar Burner. Flame lengths range from 300mm to 6 metres. Heavy weight mild steel construction with stainless steel ribbon. Burner will operate between 2 and 20 PSI on propane gas.
Radial Burners. All steel construction with reduced height and horizontal circular flame, enabling use under pans and restricted heights. Burners are available in 3” and 5” diameter and operate on propane gas between 2 and 20 PSI.
Low Pressure Bar Burner Fitted with ON/OFF Tap, flame failure device, pilot and solenoid valve. Burners will operate on Propane gas at 37 mbar or Natural gas at 15 mbar. Ideal for use in hot cupboards and small ovens.
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