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Uses:   Thermoplastic highway & line marking Materials Heating temperatures vary - our machines thermostatically controlled burner units ensure the correct heating levels. Pre-heaters from Horrod’s. Many thanks for another quality  piece of plant.  Best Wishes  Jayne S & S Grewar Ltd Scotland.

Pre-heaters on dedicated Vehicle using an hydraulic  scissor lift mounting for variable height usage (car parks) Brochure


Size (Gallon)


Additional Info


Single & Twin units

10 - 15 - 25

LPG Thermostatically controlled radial burners


Single & Twin Units

25 - 35 - 40 - 50 - 60

LPG Thermostatically controlled radial burners

Twin Hydraulic models start at 15 Gallon capacity.

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15 Gallon Capacity Hand-stirred Thermostat controlled Pre-heaters.

50 Gallon Twin Thermoplastic Pre-heaters Hydraulic powered vertical agitation.